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Thread: Deepti silver knitted hi-neck K-022 925 + Boris Bidjan Saberi Parka1 F1502F-N

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    Default Deepti tank + silver hineck / BBS Parka1 / Rick Owens bag + wallet + turtleneck + tee

    NEW IN:
    all killers, no fillers -->

    Deepti Barth real silver knitted High-Neck K-022 925 (NEW)
    size 44 (fits 44-46) > Euro 299 + shipping PP as gift

    Boris Bidjan Saberi Parka1 F1502F-N FW17 (NEW)
    size S (fits large, up to sz.48/M) > Euro 990 + shipping PP as gift


    All price: PP as gift + shipping excluded
    Shipping to EU: Euro 19
    to USA-CAN: Euro 29
    to RUS-rest of Europe: Euro 39
    to Asia-NZ-AUS: Euro 45

    info: emilianozani (at) gmail (dot) com


    SOLD: RO, MA+, CCP, Ziggy, BBS etc... see old threads
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    Deepti Vulcanized Longsleeve Tank Top NEW

    NEW Deepti Barth vulcanised tank top in black.

    COLLECTION 014-015
    STYLE: T-025

    Size 50: (fits 48- slim 506
    MATERIAL: NOISE -> Polyester + viscose: fabric is not that lightweight (not like a gauze).
    Unique texture: see pics.
    Made in Germany

    New with tags.

    Looking for: Euro 99 + shipping* (PP gift)

    Full gallery here ->
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    Deepti silver knitted High-Neck K-022 925 NEW

    From Deepti Barth 14-15 collection, silver knitted High-Neck K-022 925.

    Polyamide with real silver plating: unique color that will change with time (oxidation). Darker shades as in pics n.6 is a result of natural oxidation.

    Size 44, it looks very small when not worn, but fabric is very stretchy: once worn, it will adapt slowly to body shape.

    >>IMPORTANT fit pic note (last image): item worn by a person tall 1,87mt - weight 77kg (usually a size 48-50) and is very very fitted. I’d say it will work for someone at least 1 size smaller (46 or obviously 44, not 48).

    Looking for: Euro 299 + shipping* (PP gift)

    Full gallery here ->

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    Boris Bidjan Saberi P9-F0933 double layered FW 15 sweatpants (USED)

    Double layered sweatpants with drop crotch, nails at leg's hem and gum dyed corduroy effect.

    Built like a tank, perfect for colder season.
    100% cotton inside and outside: very soft, but resistant and warm. Leg's hem is closed with Boris metal button/nails: to prevent them from opening (and from losing'em), I tightened them with ropes, which could easily be removed.
    Color: gray gum dyed. Somekind of gray, with a touch of olive/military green.

    Size: L.
    Waist is cm.42 and could be adjusted up to cm.46.
    Crotch is cm.37 (cm.42 if waist/belt is considered)
    Comfy/oversized for a sz.48; perfect for a sz.50.
    Very long: internal leg is cm.89. IMHO these pants fits best on someone tall (at least) mt.1,85.

    Condition: used regulary, with care.
    No rips, no stains. Some discoloration on the back/buttock and (to a lesser extend) on knees, mainly due to corduroy fabric.
    Internal lining: I only found 2 small invisible unsewing on internal crotch (see pics).
    Fabric tends to enlarge with use, particularly on legs, so I recommend to wash these regularly to recover original shape.

    Looking for: Euro 159 SOLD + shipping (PP gift)
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    Pants sold.
    Bump for 1&2’s

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    Bamba sold

    BBS Parka1 still for sale

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    Bump! Contact me for pics of the Parka worn reverse

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    NEW IN: Deepti remarkable silver knitted hineck at 70% off

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    Summer bump for two fall-winter masterpieces

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    Bump to the top

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    Holiday bump

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