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Thread: Fall 2006 Haute Couture

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    Default Fall 2006 Haute Couture

    I think I was a little disappointed on this year's haute couture collections. Everything was too gothique and "fussy". Some of it looked cheap...and the feeling of luxury is what I'm after with haute couture.

    There were some good piecesin Chanel's, Elie Saab's, Valentino's and Jean Paul Gaultier'scollections, but even those weren't very good.

    What's your opinion?

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    Default Re: Fall 2006 Haute Couture

    I kind of liked the Gaultier show (sans the fur), although some of it didn't really look like Haute Couture, more like RTW. I like his costumy feeling without being grotesque like Galliano.

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    One of the things that bugged me with the collections was also that the models looked sort of odd. The make-up was too pale/there was far too much of it...the modelslooked dead. I think that reflected on my opinion on the clothes too. The combinationdoesn't work.

    I didn't find any outfits which were perfect. Everything had something I would have removed.

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