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Thread: Gustavo Lins

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    "Among the countries Gustavo likes to visit, Japan is a great reference; Gustavo created sculptures from kimonos donated by a friend, the sculptures were displayed in museums in cities like Munich, Tokyo, Milano and Paris, where it's displayed at the Musée des arts Décoratifs."

    "As a fashion designer, his style is comopolite and elegant. He likes to reinvent tailoring techniques and play with different volumes and proportions; It's an experimentalist, as to say, of the techniques and materials. He've already worked the possibilities of laether and fur, now he is dedicated to the fabrics he paints himself, then confronting the "phantom" of his cousin Lygia Clark. 'In my next collection, I'll explore the idea of a labyrinth, that she used to explore in her work. I want to study more deeply this cousin of mine, whose has been talked so much during my childhood and only now I understand how important she was in my professional construction' ".

    "In love with work and life, Gustavo does not stops and likes to define his thoughs as a tsunami. 'Suddenly there is a new tide of ideas and destroy everything I used to believe, Then something new is born', although his interests never change. 'What makes me move is the human being. I've found out that fashion is an excellent 'exchange monetary system' between people.' "


    original article by Laura Artigas, ELLE Brasil, may 2011


    I'll scan the visual content of the article anytime soon; then I can post it if you like =]

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    Thanks for this! Yes, post the visuals.
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