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Thread: Help finding.....

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    Kind of looking to pay less than 3500 euro, but thanks for the help!

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    Looking to buy CCP black diverging belt size 48-50.
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    Hey everyone! Looking for a pair of Sisyphus Tux Astaires in Raisin/lime light. Size 50.
    If anyone has leads / selling a pair, please DM me here. Thanks a lot

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    Hi all,

    Looking for the BBS short parka from AW12


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    Hello gents, I'm looking for this old piece from an earlier Julius_7 collection. In black. I believe its from AW2011 Halo.

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    Looking for several Rick Owens items..

    Rick Owens Mollino in calf leather, sz. 52-54
    Rick Owens "Brother" sz. 52
    Mastodon Drawstring trousers, sz. M.

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    Desperately searching for brighter CCP derbies, primarily looking for red, but I would be more than happy with any other color as well. A CCP 6 or smaller is what I'm looking for.

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    I’m looking for someone in Paris to proxy me a bag from L’Eclaireur. Please PM me!

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