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Thread: "Mock Overlock" technique

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    Default "Mock Overlock" technique

    Overlock technique,

    this is for Albert,

    an anyone else interested,

    I will post a few more pics this evening with a better view, my computer at work is not allowing me to upload the images i took today

    this is the Pant being worn,
    I will post better pics tonite , and the technique was already explained in Albert's thread

    Here is a close up view of the seams, I think a more contrasting/ thicker thread would give a better effect

    I am going to try it again next week, i have a tailored suit and three pairs of pants to make for a client this week!!!!!!

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    Default Re: "Mock Overlock" technique

    It looks nice Zamb! The photos are small but the look is definitely there.

    I will add to this thread with my hand-done, ridiculously tedious, overlock method that uses the thicker string a la Carol. How tedious? Well... took me probably a few hours to complete one seam down one leg (43" inseam). I hope the end result will justify the means hehehe.

    Can't wait to see even clearer photos of your method Zamb! - Digital Portfolio Of Projects & Designs

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