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Thread: free slurpee day

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    Default free slurpee day

    "Just a reminder to all: July 11th is once again Slurpee
    day - a wonderful day to celebrate the creation of the Slurpee. This
    year, as in the years before, 7-Eleven stores will be handing out
    1000 free 7.11oz Slurpees from 7am until 11pm (or until supplies last).
    Yay! Free Slurpee!!!!"

    god, i'm so bored at work.

    Did you get and like the larger dick?

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    Default Re: free slurpee day

    Joey, you're the KING of free frozen treat announcements!

    EDIT: Huge typo

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    fuck you, i don't have an attitude problem.


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    monster black ice, is that grape?. I want one.

    edit- great avatar Joey!

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