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Thread: Forum Changes

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheInformalGenius View Post
    We all have many personal optimization’s we would like to see happen at SZ. Keep in mind those optimization’s would cost time and money. I️ think SZ is run by only a handful of people, little advertising, and free to use. With that said, the site doesn’t seem to be in place to make a profit but a place for likeminded people to discuss what we love. Let’s be thankful for that.
    It's industry standard and built into all modern systems, nothing personal or effortful about responsive design whatsoever. It could also significantly improve the SEO for the site -- and while the site is meant to be a community hub, it is also most assuredly a business.

    vBulletin just doesn't accommodate it by default. You'd want something like Flarum or Simple Forum. Alternatively, you could switch to a responsive VBulletin template like Quarto:

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    Is it possible to have a nightmode or darkmode as a separate function. Basically an inversion of this colorscheme?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alan View Post
    What this website desperately needs is mobile optimization. More and more people browse the web on their mobile phones/tablets unlike desktop. Tapatalk integration would be helpful too.

    @mentions would be a neat and useful feature. This way, you would not have to quote somebody's lengthy post or large photo to reply. Instead, you would just @mention and still let the person be notified of the reply.
    I've suggasted implementing tapatalk a while ago, and members seemed to be roughly evenly split between advocating and not.
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