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Thread: Ann Demeulemeester - Women's - FW13 - Paris

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    Default Ann Demeulemeester - Women's - FW13 - Paris

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    That's my Ann.

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    beautiful...stiff leathers, thick flannels, sheer flowy things, feathers...all present and perfect.
    i traded my LUC jeans + Julius belt + Neil Barrett jeans for a blamain biker jeans

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    this is beautiful. so much better than the men's. I love the verticality of the designs and the weightlessness of so many of the pieces.
    the feather pins are detracting though.

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    So beautiful. Many lovely and simple Ann elements put together for a wonderful collection.

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    she can hold a note longer than any other designer I can think of.
    It's the same, but it's certainly beautiful. I always like it when she swings to the simpler side in her's great to see the lines of the tailoring instead of a blur of styling (which is lovely in its own way).

    awaiting Faust's verdict...
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    I'm on the fence about this collection. I obviously like the long silhouette especially when the flow of the diaphanous garments is constricted by Ann's tailoring. But even there, I am looking for Ann's signature asymmetry and not finding any.

    I don't care for the loose, overflowing ensembles. The feathers stuck in the hats are distracting.

    Something tells me I would like it better if I was at the show. In general, I am finding a great difference between seeing a live presentation (movement, front, side, back) and just starting at front photos.
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    The only part I really don't care for is some of the high-tech looking fabrics, only because I associate ann with natural fibers and elegant comfort. I think the leathers show/contrast really well, but not something I would want to wear in real life. That's really trying to nitpick though...the rest is trademark ann, the plethora of buttons, dip-dye, white-on-offwhite.
    i traded my LUC jeans + Julius belt + Neil Barrett jeans for a blamain biker jeans

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    Quote Originally Posted by Faust View Post
    The feathers stuck in the hats are distracting.
    I completely agree! I do love the "salem-witch-back-from-the-dead" vibe going on. Look closely - it's there. That's the only way I could justify having those "arrows" right in the head, as distracting as they are...

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    I prefer harder Ann. This is a very soft and flowing presentation. Quite vertical and floaty. Upright Ophelia.

    I'd like it more with some dark and some edge.

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    i echo Faust's sentiments, those flowy robes really do nothing for me. my fave look is this, those voluminous pants with paper bag waist look so comfortable and chill

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    This one does it for me!

    Quote Originally Posted by Shucks View Post

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    Not my fav from her, but hell if she don't do what she do!

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    Feels like authentic Ann. A terrific companion to the last men's collection, too...

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