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    So, I'm a translator who dabbles in bookbinding (read: an utter amateur), seeking advice when it comes to translucent leathers. I'd like to produce an effect along the lines of the below images. How would one go about recreating this sort of leather treatment?

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    native american drumskins can look similar.

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    Two ideas for you:
    Take leather after liming and splitting

    Wash well and then Delime and submerge with h2o2 then staking and dry in direct sunlight
    apparently this ends up very stiff though

    and also:
    After the hair has been removed from the hide, the latter, tightly stretched upon a suitable frame, is rubbed with a mixture consisting of one thousand parts glycerine of twenty-six B, two parts salicylic acid, two parts picric acid, and twenty-five parts boric acid. Before the hide is absolutely dry it is placed in a room where the rays of the sun do not penetrate, and it is saturated with a solution of bichromate of potash; when the hide is very dry there is applied to its surface an alcoholic solution of tortoise shell, a transparent aspect being thus obtained, and the leather is very flexible.

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    A readily available product should work for you here:, go to leather, then rawhide, an easy way to start playing with the material.

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