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Thread: S003 - Silhouette Transform Shirt [XS-S]

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    Not too familiar with the Thailand long boat stuff, but looks like a Champion coach jacket my old 50 year old football coaches would wear, and the last pic emphasizes that with the ill fitting sleeves.

    Also the strings at the bottom, when pulled make the cut very feminine, with the ballooning and emphasis on the hips.

    Reminds me of a cardigan-over-blouse type thing, done in the black linen (I feel like it is an agressive more masculine fabric) seems incongruous.

    And not a fan of the straps at all, cheapen the whole look. Not just on this shirt I feel it ruins alot of SZ's favourite BBS pieces as well.

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    thanks for the feedback, I am taking your comment to consideration. I drafted the blouse specifically to be oversize with boxy shape, so that there are more room for movement along the torso and upper arm area. I am not a big fans of shirt that stick to the body real tight, as there are less room for air to move around. It's really more of a personal preference.. I love wearing oversizes shirt as I think it's comfortable and rather easy to style so I tend to go toward this approach rather than a regular fit shirt. If possible, I will try to get some 50 years old to try them on- may be I could get an interesting feedback with some interesting photos.

    In regard to the straps, I agreed that many times it might have degrade the look because of how unnecessary it looks.. But to view it from the designer perspective. I believe it's this little details that help labeling what the pieces is designed to be. Sir Helmut/Raf did it before with loads of decoration straps and most of those pieces are now what many consider "rare" because it's differentiate their designs from whether what is "easy to wear" and "easy to appreciate". The difference is crucial between the two as one is setting a challenge toward buyers while one is supporting them.. This is why I decided to put the buttonholes at the inside of the pocket so that the strap can be conceal and hidden if the wearer do not wish them to show... I am far to be compare to any of the designers mentions earlier, so I am trying to learn from what they did and make some adjustment that suit what I think is right.

    For me, I think the decoration are there for a reason, either as tool for functionality, or an emphasis to the design/fabric. On BBS, the decoration is almost the brand's signature. So it is understandable to see it on most of his pieces. Although I find his strap to be unnecessary as it get's in a way from times to times, I also realized that it is the same tail tag that sometime guide me to notice some of the takes Boris play around with the garment's details itself.

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    shuit, personally I wouldn't worry too much about what peoples perception and opinion of your work is, too deep that is. Just strive to create a personal identity, philosophy and most importantly individuality in your work and people will appreciate what you do.

    From what I see above, the detailing looks great. The collar work is good imo. The drawstring gathered tight creating a balloon effect is a nice idea as I'm a fan of marvielab's ReCiKli project (not to try and compare apples to oranges). There's no right or wrong. It may be intended on being a unisex piece? Try a mock up with shorter sleeves to see how it appears if this concerns you?


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    Quote Originally Posted by 0JSIMPS0N View Post
    ill fitting sleeves.
    you're nuts, they fit like a glove.

    shuit, it may be nothing but my fetish for black linen kicking in, or a latent childhood fascination with Transformers, but the coat looks great. and for what it's worth, i'm not a big fan of bbs.
    ain't no beauty queens in this locality

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    This looks lovely- fundamentally it is a garment with drawstrings, but it is all about creating the difference to make something special, and you have done that. Linen, unusual and flattering shape when drawn back, I really like it.

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    thank you so much Trouble/Supel/MJRH/Alterations! I will try to make another one with shorter sleeves in muslin form during my free times and see how it turns out.. ! Again, I really appreciate the comments and suggestion! thank you very much!

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