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    Hey all.

    Any must do in Perth? Shopping, leisure, and food? Will be there for approximately 5 days including the weekend.

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    kings park is really quite beautiful, at least from memory of my last visit there.

    c restaurant is pretty pricy, but the view is gorgeous, and the food is solid (not really worth the price, but still worth the visit in general), especially if you like mediterranean food. jun was also very good for japanese food, and really unassuming as well.

    not much to do in perth, however, though i was only there for a day or two; maybe it's changed. if you're staying with or have friends there i'd ask them, to get a better local perspective. no shopping i know of.

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    I will warn all the boutiques closed down/discontinued all the good stuff, so there is absolutely nothing here. But I do have insider info that someone is opening a new boutique possibly next year carrying Rick Owens and Raf Simons but that's all I know for now. Dilettante carries Rick shoes and women's but not much, but there is 2 stores.

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