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Thread: post your work and creations

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    Default post your work and creations

    [quote user="casem83"]I would love to see more examples of people's work, think of it as an SZ open mic night.[/quote]</P>

    like casem said in the This Is What I Do thread.. many people herework in creative industries and jobs, would be veryinteresting to see some work from the people that work as artists, designers etc.</P>

    forgive me if this has been done before, after a bottle of wine your ability to search for something goes numb.</P>
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    Default Re: post your work and creations

    And your name makes so much sense now!!</p>

    I love the that toilet paper? If it is, that is amazing!</p>

    "because the young are whores. dealers come to carol to get the rock"

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    Default Re: post your work and creations

    new way to wipe your ass!</p>

    that chair is dope!!

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    here's a really old painting i never finished

    something a bit newer, a 3d portrait

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    holy shit Mass. That's amazing!</P>

    Is the bottom one a purely digital piece while the top is oil on canvas (beautiful technique btw.. )?</P> - Digital Portfolio Of Projects & Designs

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    Default Re: post your work and creations

    girl is perfect
    One wonders where it will end, when everything has become gay.

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    Default Re: post your work and creations

    thanks... unfortunately they are both completely digital. i'm lazy.

    and wire.artist... amazing pieces. i love the garment hanger!

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    Wow! You guys are incredible. Mass, digital or not, those paintings are pretty gorgeous. As for wire.artist, that chair is hilarious and beautiful all at once...</p>

    I'm an art student, so here's a portrait I did a year ago...</p>

    <span class="Apple-style-span" style="color: rgb(102, 102, 102); font-family: 'Lucida Grande'; font-size: 11px; white-space: pre; "></span>

    And I draw sickeningly cute robots.</p>

    <span class="Apple-style-span" style="color: rgb(102, 102, 102); font-family: 'Lucida Grande'; font-size: 11px; white-space: pre; "></span></p>

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    Default Re: post your work and creations

    I like what you've done wire.artist.</p>

    Here's the portfolio I did for my uni application. It was rather rushed so most of it is pointless and not super nice.</p>


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    Default Re: post your work and creations

    wire.artist, that chair is golden. you better patent it, before droogist design steals it.
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    Default Re: post your work and creations

    I don't think the really technical econ papers I've written for school would be interesting to anyone outside the field, but in addition to being an amateur photographer, I dabble in creative writing, mainly focusing on poetry due to time constraints in grad school. I'll post a few below for potential enjoyment, although I am discussing publication of the first and may have to remove it if that actually solidifies. First one was written about a year ago, the other two last week...</p>



    archaic and absolutely awry,
    an assertion abruptly appears,
    artful, awkwardly anxious,
    an admittedly arbitrary achievement
    arguably arresting articulation,
    an arrival already aggravating.

    a pendant pleasure proceeds,
    ponderous and peripatetic,
    a pointedly playful promulgation
    passing past pleasures
    poised precipitously,
    poignantly perishing presently.

    does despairing, drunkenly declining
    into decadently desultory debauchery,
    disrupt dispirited drudgery?
    a doggedly driven desperation
    displaying deeper dementia
    drifts darkly downwards,
    dying, dropping dolefully.



    crimson and fitful are we conscious exceptions
    clawing at the edges of that eternal abyss
    crawling along the barriers of the mortal rift
    cloudy and inscrutable, dark with individuality
    creating false bridges that must ever be
    crude and tarnished reflections of oneself
    clinging to tenuous strands of love and laughter
    crazed and desperate to touch another?s light
    classic and archetypal must we all seem
    cross the implacable passage of ages



    I wander through this forest of brittle convictions
    idly caressing the dead and dying trunks that surround me
    some grown so old that the form in which they were created
    lies inscrutable beneath the layers of callused ignorance.
    My touch awakens life within some and I linger overlong
    until I notice them drawing the very life from me
    leaving in its place a mindless husk, stripping my self
    depositing a polished and tawdry veneer of judgment
    and so I tear myself away in alarm, stumbling wildly
    into the tangled branches of belief that claw and sting
    rending my cherished adornments, tearing my delicate skin.
    But the pain gives me strength, lends me a tragic fury
    and so I lash out, destroying the branches of my prison
    trampling them into formless shards of perception
    on the frozen muddy ground beneath my feet.
    I am not who you think I am

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    Default Re: post your work and creations

    Occasionally when i feel inspired i might sit down and write a short piece of prose in a brief outburst of creativity...most of my ideas get discarded as it's all stream of consciousness typing without much thought, but here's two short pieces i wrote:</P>

    SKIN: A Revelation

    Cindy, Cindy, Cindy...the word bounces off her soft, pillowy lips but it doesn't even register. I stare at her in all her depraved glory, arms and shoulders slightly bruised, rail thin legs decorated with a denim miniskirt that stops just so, toes imperfect on those cheap strip me heels, like claws holding onto some kind of pedestal. Bruised? Or were they mosquito bites? Anyway, hallmarks of a life less desired. I had taken the pill about 30 minutes ago and was starting to feel the Glow...flashbacks of a youth when I was impeccable, hair, clothing and fingernails all gelled back and the first thing they thought was "Hrm, well that man's got the world going for himself. What a fine young lad with a bright future..." on and on they talked, all of them, until the world seemed to put a blanket over my comfortably numb existence and I had no choice but to break free and degenerate into what I


    I look at myself in the mirror, dishevelled, jesus christ I haven't shaved in days, my hair is getting long and I look like whiskey and cigarettes. For the past ten years I've settled into some kind of rumple that magazines and stylists spend hours trying to perfect but it is something I can conjure up waking up every morning on the street corner, clutching a bottle of Jack in my hand. Where am I now...Cindy, that's right. Focus on the present...this girl is the culmination of every broken down cobblestone I've walked on this downward spiral into filth, the Being that lie underneath all those cinema seats, with the crusty tissues and dirt covered footprints, those cheap magazines you used to sneak from your brother's bedroom chest and fantasize about one day attaining this Being, and the idea was always there, it was, but nothing ever felt so good like holding on to an elusive figment of imagination that still gave me hope for the future. At one point, the only joy I needed was standing between me and the toilet bowl, 60 seconds of perfection, they call it. Not now, not after all those women to whom I promised forever, and the creations I manufactured with them who no longer recognize their maker and spit and curse and kick on me with hatred and disgust, I no longer recognized the carcass in the mirror...

    Cindy...she envelops me, engulfs me in this tight squeeze and the motion keeps going even as I lay emotionless. The sound of the room suddenly goes off, my eyes and mouth expand until they are on the verge of bursting...I suddenly feel as if the big bang and all the cosmic wonders of this fucked up universe emerge and collapse all at once in my intestines. I feel like this is it. It's been many such nights, nights which have turned into days into weeks into months into years, what am I still clinging for. I see Cindy's angelic face and picture the boy who broke her, parents weeping as they sent their only hope out of a desolate existence, all those countless men who exploded into her crevices and in this tiny 5'4 frame I see the innocence that I once had, but have now lost myself. Perhaps, I am so drawn to such Beings because they hold up a mirror to which I can see the reflection of soullessness that I have descended into. Everything goes black.

    Having fell into the abyss and shot back up to ground zero with a rocket, I am myself once more. Now, where was I?</P>
    <P mce_keep="true"></P>

    ************************************************** ****************************</P>

    $40 Trip to Nirvana

    It?s the same backseat, a thousand stories?the man behind the wheel is all knowing, the existential constant in a blindingly fast world that revolves at a million rotations a minute. Cries, fights, laughter, silence, The Man has seen it all and sees through the haze?cigarette flicking outside the window.

    ?Hey man where you goin??

    ?Just down the street sir, I?m really drunk and can?t??

    The door slams shut and the red vehicle zooms off into the night without a trace. Can?t blame him, he?s just tryin to eat. I once remember one of those inebriated nights, when I staggered on?I told him to just drive, it wouldn?t be far. I gave him my address?it wasn?t a trip to the airport but far enough so it wasn?t a total waste of time.

    ?How old are you??

    ?I?m 74.?

    ?74 and still working? Man I?d be retired by then?I hope. Keep it up though, a man?s gotta have something to rely his mind on or else he?ll go nuts.?

    ?Yeah?I?ve been in this business 50 years and I do it now part time, I?ve seen many a rise and fall. Soon as they get off the wheel they fall into the Spiral??

    We talked on and on for what seemed like an eternity. My heart was racing, head throbbing and eyes were seeing the neon lights flash and rotate and spin I could hardly get a grip. Funny how those fleeting moments that you find yourself in can be forever. The moment two people go their separate ways, knowing they?ll never run into each other again, but for a brief while caught a glimpse of enlightenment.

    ?You know man, everybody got problems. If you?re rich, you got problems. If you?re poor, you got problems. Ain?t life a bitch??

    Truer words have never been spoken. I remember those idle nights when I?d wander the streets of some god forsaken city, watching the helpless and homeless walk along the path leading them to their heaven, while I zipped by in that car, windows rolled up, I could see it all so vividly even though my vision was blurry. I guess I?ll get to Nirvana faster than they would.

    What?s the definition of heaven? How do we get there? Some days he?d drop me off at the spot where I?d find myself slipping that crisply folded dollar bill in between silicone circles perfectly shaped just so, or I?d stumble off and find myself looking into the eyes of a man who has long lost himself but found God instead on the search for salvation. Either way it don?t matter much?the days go slow, hot summer days, winter nights where hell has frozen over, and as soon as I reach my destination I hand the driver two twenty dollar bills and walk out with a dazed and confused smile on my face, knowing that I?d just took a ride on the Highway to Heaven.

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    Default Re: post your work and creations

    [quote user="Faust"]wire.artist, that chair is golden. you better patent it, before droogist design steals it.

    My thoughts exactly. Wow,wire.artist, that chair really is worth patenting. Personally, I would love to have one.</P>
    Quote Originally Posted by merz View Post
    perhaps one day pipcleo will post a wywt so non-euclydian & eldrich in its shapes as to turn all onlookers into throngs of dishevelled, muttering idiots

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    Default Re: post your work and creations

    yeah its a cool chair. it gives new meaning to the old cliche "why don't you just go wipe your ass on my chair"
    One wonders where it will end, when everything has become gay.

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    Default Re: post your work and creations

    Great wire.artist, like your work very much</P>

    I'm an architect too, it'll be great if you also post somepictures of your architectural projects</P>

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    Default Re: post your work and creations

    Here's some pictures of one of my early works (2005)</P>







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    Default Re: post your work and creations

    Wow, everyone does such great stuff! Gutpocho, that building is amazing!</p>

    I did the music for my friends Performance Art/Runway Show presentation this weekend at Yale, it was great, and I thought the music was hot [:O]</p>

    Check out the track titled "Runway" on my myspace and work!</p>

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    Default Re: post your work and creations

    [quote user="mass"]
    something a bit newer, a 3d portrait


    [img]<span class="Apple-style-span" style="font-family: Tahoma; font-size: 11px; white-space: pre; -webkit-border-horizontal-spacing: 2px; -webkit-border-vertical-spacing: 2px; ">[/img]</span></p>

    <span class="Apple-style-span" style="font-family: Tahoma; font-size: 11px; white-space: pre; -webkit-border-horizontal-spacing: 2px; -webkit-border-vertical-spacing: 2px; "></span> </p>

    I could not for the life of me remember where I though I recognized those damn button things from until today. I'd still be down to buy a glut of those things and string them up on blazers and whatnot. Maybe a little played, but I feel like in that sort of quantity it compensates. </p>

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    Brilliant work everybody, I especially love that 'toilet roll" chair! [B]

    My work is up on my website linked in my signature.</p>

    Keep the work coming, I Would love to see more work from all of you! [51]</p>
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    Default Re: post your work and creations

    drawings look good, do you ever show them?
    One wonders where it will end, when everything has become gay.

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