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    Not bad, but needs work,
    I like the second pic, as it shows the texture of the knit really well
    and there is an interesting play between the color/ texture of models hair and the clouds in the background.

    Also, you should always credit the clothing/ accessories designers in your work, it gives others an incentive to work with you (especially starting out when the only benits that exist might be the credits).

    keep up the good work!
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    Love the idea Je. I really like how your graphics are quite subtle in these B/W photographs. I didn't realise they were graphics at first glance tbh . It'll be interesting how you mesh them when the photoshoot is done in colour.

    The only concern I would have would be how much work you need to put in for EVERY picture? Would it be viable in the long run? I'm assuming that every picture will have different graphics? If you could justify your time, cost, effort and customers turn around time then

    I really love that last picture too. v nice.

    Best of luck!

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    i like the wishes for your future efforts!

    in the 4th pic - is that an Un Solo Mondo jacket?

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    nice location, backgrounds and editing. perhaps a little too lifted shadows, but it seems intented. I would've gone for a more natural look, or a more authentic and cheaper washed out "bad" black and white look for some edge.
    Poses, expressions, narrative and flow needs work. I don't see anything.

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    Good, I think It's great!!

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    The "I am trying to look cool, but damn that position is fucking uncomfortable, let's try to not show how tense I am" poses don't make it for me though.

    Overall, your photoshoots don't give me an ounce of dream. I mean, I see models, I see clothes, but I can't see a world where I feel transported and that's the point that really makes me appreciate a fashion editorial, or not.

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    well done,Jerome
    I think it's very cool.

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    It helps that River Viiperi is ridiculously hot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dropt View Post
    Please take a look at our work and samples below. We believe thats as a French and Canadian Chinese duo, we have an interesting story to tell.
    hi, thanks for showing your work. this reminds me a little of Killer Vogue by Meisel. i think if you are going for the post-production route, then it's got to be pushed even further. this is the time in your career where you can do whatever you want– so when you show your work, your perspective employer can see how far you can take it, and not how much more you need to go.

    regarding the story, this one doesn't quite convey that paris is on fire. the guys is sorta just chillin while everything burns in the bacground. shouldn't he be running for his life?

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    Absolutely it needs lot of work especially to make it really like a photo. He is good, the angles are also perfect, but the background and expressions, i found a bit downward... or say.. fade off type..

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    the secod picture is wonderfull,for me is a mixture of slimane,julius,ann...

    great look

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    I keep checking this thread thinking it's about the Jil Sander line for Uniqlo...

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    Trés prometteur ;)

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    Dropt, choose to do the photography or the effects, but not both. those effects by eyeball are things photographers don't do.

    it's much better to be the director with the vision, than the guy who does the pixel pushing..

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