StyleZeitgeist Academy

StyleZeitgeist Academy is an independent education platform that offers courses for fashion enthusiasts, students, and professionals who want to study fashion at an academic level, in a structured yet engaging way, free from institutional bureaucracy and social-media chaos.

Our courses provide a comprehensive overview of how contemporary fashion evolved, its key players, trends, cultural movements, and major sociopolitical events: through a mix of history and theory, students will learn not only what has happened in fashion industry, but discuss why it happened and how.

The academy was founded by Eugene Rabkin, a former professor at Parsons the New School for Design, and an industry-recognized thought leader with fifteen years of writing experience. The idea for the academy arose from numerous conversations with fashion students and enthusiasts who have voiced the same complaint, that there is a lack of comprehensive framework for learning about fashion.

Our courses are taught remotely to accommodate a global student body. The schedule is designed for full time students and employees. Each course is supported by a comprehensive online learning suite that contains all course materials, including books, articles, video, and audio.

We keep our tuition fees on a manageable level by being laser-focused on education. StyleZeitgeist Academy does not issue diplomas — we offer knowledge. Our goal is to build an informed discourse about fashion by continuously adding courses and faculty.



What is the format of your courses?

The courses are taught via Zoom. A typical session consists of an hour-long lecture, assisted by a visual presentation, followed by a seminar, where students and instructor discuss the material. Some are semester-long, college-level courses. Others will be structured as shorter, master-class level courses. You will need a camera-equipped device, as we ask all students to be on camera to facilitate both lecture and discussion. Each class is supported by the Notion app, where each course is organized by sessions, with all supporting materials. We also run a Slack channel for additional discussion in-between classes.


Are there prerequisites for taking a course?

There are no academic prerequisites for taking our courses. We design them for people of various levels of education. Although we will sometimes tackle serious theory, it will be done in a guided manner. In the past we have had everyone from high school graduates to Ph.Ds in our courses. The only requirement is a fair understanding of spoken and written English (though you are free to read assigned books in your preferred language).


What time zone are your courses in?

Courses are often taught on weekends for fall and spring semester (more intensive in the summer semester) and begin at 12 p.m. EST (New York City) in order to accommodate the widest possible array of international students, from West Coast to continental Europe. If you live in Asia but are dedicated to learning, we welcome all night owls.


What happens if I miss a session?

A video recording of each lecture will be made available to you. The seminar parts are not recorded to protect student privacy. Please note, that although we’ve had students go through a semester solely relying on recordings due to a conflict in their schedule, we encourage everyone to be present for the discussion part.


Do we get homework?

There is reading homework for each class, as well as videos, documentaries, and podcast episodes. There is no written homework and no grading. Those who are interested in tutoring or mentoring can sign up for the Advanced study version of each class.


What is advanced study?

Advanced study offers you four one-on-one sessions with instructors, including further help with the course, consulting on personal and creative projects, writing and editing guidance, and brainstorming.


Do you offer college credits?

At this time we do not offer college credits or certificates.


How can I pay tuition?

We accept bank transfer or PayPal. Payments via PayPal are subject to a 3% surcharge in order to recoup PayPal fees.



History of Contemporary Fashion: 1947 — Present

15 sessions
Sep 7th – Dec 14th
Regular tuition: $1299
Early bird tuition: $999 (apply before 06.24.2024)



History of Contemporary Fashion: 1947 — Present | Advanced Study

15 + 4 consulting sessions
Sep 7th – Dec 14th
Consulting session dates — by request
Tuition: $1499






Fashion and Society

15 sessions
Schedule — TBD
Regular tuition: $1299
Early bird tuition: $999


Fashion and Society | Advanced Study

15 + 4 consulting sessions
Tuition: $1499


History of Fashion Styling (Masterclass)

5 sessions

Schedule — TBD
Regular tuition: $599
Early bird tuition: $499