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  • Faust
    kitsch killer
    • Sep 2006
    • 37849

    StyleZeitgeist Job Board

    Dear members,

    We wanted to get your view on a new potential feature on SZ, the job board subforum.

    The job board would be a pay-per-post service with reasonable rates for both prospective employers and employees. Given that many industry professionals and university graduates browse SZ (we now get nearly 1.4 million page views a month) and that SZ is a highly specialized and curated place for fashion with a worldwide reach, this seems like a viable marketplace.

    Shops could look for new sales people, designers for pattern makers, assistants, interns, show room reps, design companies could look for graphic designers and coders with a fashion aesthetic, media reps could look for photographers, stylists, etc.

    A corresponding job seeker board would be established as well where professionals will be able to post links to their resumes and portfolios. Each employer would have access to such a board.

    Please let me know your thoughts on whether you would be potentially interested in participating.
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  • zamb
    Senior Member
    • Nov 2006
    • 5834

    Great idea

    especially a lot of people would like to post these things but not in an improper space
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    • mortalveneer
      Senior Member
      • Jan 2008
      • 993

      Given the income level (and possible background) of many members, jobs in fashion-related legal and financial issues would also be welcome (hopefully to more than just me).
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      • avout
        Senior Member
        • Nov 2011
        • 261

        ^ I second this, let's not limit ourselves to the creative side.


        • cowsareforeating
          Senior Member
          • Jan 2011
          • 1030

          ^ ive thought about this before, but didnt know if it was encompassed/appropriate



          • david s
            Senior Member
            • Jul 2010
            • 492

            I think it could become a destination for a jobs board across the creative industries. I have the impression there are lots of members from a variety of creative/artisanal professions.

            I work in advertising but I use the site often for research/inspiration. It's a natural segue. I would pay for it, for sure.
            It's absolutely Hedious!
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            • fncyths
              Senior Member
              • Apr 2010
              • 769

              I just pulled my profile from linked in soooo this would be perfect!!!

              Great idea. I'd pay as well!
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              • Ochre
                Senior Member
                • Sep 2009
                • 363

                Good idea.


                • Patroklus
                  • Feb 2011
                  • 1672

                  iso: retail position where i don't have to fold clothes or handle customers or really do much of anything
                  preferred: large employee allowance


                  • bryantyj
                    Senior Member
                    • Jun 2010
                    • 150

                    That is a marvelous idea. If i can travel abroad and work, that would be perfect.


                    • 525252
                      Senior Member
                      • Dec 2010
                      • 246



                      • Nomad_
                        • Jul 2012
                        • 59

                        dope idea, would definately participate


                        • Ahimsa
                          Vegan Police
                          • Sep 2011
                          • 1878

                          I support this idea.
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                          • Crowzer
                            Senior Member
                            • Feb 2011
                            • 1197

                            Same here, it's an interesting idea for the community.


                            • Oasis
                              Senior Member
                              • Apr 2011
                              • 322

                              Originally posted by mortalveneer View Post
                              Given the income level (and possible background) of many members, jobs in fashion-related legal and financial issues would also be welcome (hopefully to more than just me).
                              Ditto. Seems a good idea.
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