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SZ 5th Anniversary Celebration!

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  • tomatous
    • Jan 2009
    • 446

    Nice shots lowery. I think I saw rider? But who knows? I don't know what she looks like :X The name tags would have only helped if there was enough light to read what they said. I also wondered who was wearing the mask, or even the fan hat?

    Big thanks to interest1 for taking time to show us around NYC. <3
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    • kunk75
      • May 2008
      • 3364

      Would like to have met you too, can grab a coffee one day now that mdb has confirmed I am not a creepy prick.
      Originally posted by interest1 View Post
      Oh, but I WAS there.
      I had a friend in town who I hadn't seen in 17 years, so that delayed me by more than I'd have liked. I would've liked to meet you, too, and a few other characters
      (rider, kunk..) –but apparently, a number of you have an earlier bedtime than I would have expected. Did you leave early?!
      (this is what happens when we don't stay & play past the free drinkie cut-off!)
      Oh I'm kidding! kinda. I actually managed to sneak in – just as Lowery & his camera left the building (um, oops!), but I assure you, I was certainly there!
      (I was the girl in the leather corset.)

      All that & then some could've gone down but a camera phone couldn't have proven any of it; the bar was that dark. In fact, I'm surprised anyone was actually visible, when you factor in that 100% of guests wore, um, black. ;) Imagery from the publication was projected across the wall (and looked quite beautiful), thus the reason for pitch-darkery..

      Good thing I have 20/20 vision though, because I could tell you:
      ✔ who got so drunk they fell onto a plant (and managed to look fab as ever at work today) ✔ who was practically gyrating on some chick at the end of the bar (lolz) ✔ who looks better in their photos than, (sshhhh), in person ✔ who's exactly the opposite

      But I won't.
      Instead, after having made the rounds, I will say that:

      ✔ Yes. Fuuma actually does have a cigarette dangling from the lip at any given . . . . .hour, just as I'd envisioned

      Tomatous is just as funny & down-to-earth as he is on the forum. I had fun . . . . . .showing you NY today!

      MBD is tiny & adorable (and I'm pretty certain we were the only two who . . . . . . . . weren't head-to-toe in black!)

      TheAddict's personality kicks even more ass in person than in his posts

      hamletpowpowpow gives good compliment

      ✔ Grandmaster Faust's girlfriend is prettier each time I see her

      . . .and so on & so forth..

      And yes, E, it should be an annual thing! Nothing but good energy all around.

      Heck, we may've even succeeded in disproving that early (& highly entertaining) SZ rumor that I was prolly a dick-oven-lovin' dude in drag, so hey!

      But then again, nobody actually felt for an adam's apple (among other things),
      so I say fuck it; let it stand.