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E's Excellent Article on Rei Kawakubo's "Children."

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  • MetroBulotDodo
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    • Oct 2010
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    E's Excellent Article on Rei Kawakubo's "Children."

    E's excellent, detail-filled article on the designers mentored to success by Rei Kawakubo, ultimately taking the helm at other internationally viable lines, i.e. Sacai, or through lines developed under the CDG flagship label, such as her most successful student, Junya Watanabe.

    A must-read for those who wish to understand the relationships of designers who share not only a common background, having come into themselves under Rei's tutelage, and who are allowed to make use and alter a vast library of shared visual motifs within their own work as part of the privilege of being part of the elite within the Comme des Garcons family.

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  • Faust
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    Ah, thank you, darling, for unearthing it. It was a complicated piece to write given dealing with multiple parties in the CDG camp and school. They are not the most talkative bunch.
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