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Hoping for some evaluation of my work.

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  • malevich
    • Jun 2012
    • 54

    Hoping for some evaluation of my work.

    Dear everybody.

    It took me some time and courage to share my work with you, but i was thinking that your opinion and evaluation would be very important for me and my further improvement and development within what i try to do.

    It is my second collection entitled "Hanggang Kamatayan" which i presented this october. All of it is mostly hand-crafted by myself and my sewing machine, plus some extra knittings involved from leftovers and alot of hand stitching. Here is a small selection of few lookbook and artistic "campaign" photos.
    At the moment i am also working hard on my 3rd collection, which i plan to show this spring and i hope your critique will inspire and help me design and present it much much better. Thank you in advance.

    Here we go:

    Some lookbook selection:

    I hope it is enough to make and build a helpful opinion. Basicly I am a fashion student graduate, wandering, looking for my personal style, trying and hoping to make more clothes.
  • Aurum
    • Dec 2013
    • 40

    I'm fond of the garments as well as the way you chose to merchandize; the use of ribbon and unfinished fabric on the mannequin's hands is a unique take on fingerless gloves. I'd like to see more of the texture up close; particularly on the gathered satin/silk pieces.


    • boandaropax
      Junior Member
      • Mar 2014
      • 23

      Not bad at all. I am not for maximalist textures in the one garment but the silhouettes are original and I am super impressed that you have handcrafted this. Good job!