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Thesis about values & luxury consumption

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  • Philipppp
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    • Apr 2010
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    Thesis about values & luxury consumption

    Hello dear Stylezeitgeist members!

    I am currently writing a thesis about values and luxury consumption with a friend and we decided to focus the survey on Stylezeitgeist and its members. We are interested about what values motivate people the most to consume the brands being discussed on this site. We would be very thankful if as many of you as possible would like to contribute and participate filling out our survey, feel free to raise any questions in this thread or contact me via PM. I also hope this is the right thread and that it is appropriate to ask you guys for help. If anyone of you would like to read the thesis when it is done, we would gladly share it with you.

    The survey has twelve questions and each question is connected to a unique value. When we refer to “Stylezeitgeist brands", we only mean brands that are discussed and bought here on this forum. You can rank every question from 1-5 stars; one star means you do not agree at all and five stars means you completely agree.

    Thank you for participating!
  • Faust
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    • Sep 2006
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    We would be very thankful if you'd get the fuck out of here and take your reductionism of this place as a consumption platform with you.
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