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  • cyberthom
    • Nov 2011
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    vertical garment steamer

    I'm looking for a decent quality vertical garment steamer and was wondering what brands/makes people have used in the past and have made good experiences with.

    I'm hoping for something compact that's not too flimsy and produces even, dense steam. Read a couple horror stories of domestic steamers spitting on the garment. I'd also like a model that doesn't look entirely shit as I'm gonna have it out quite often and am visually sensitive. However, it's for personal use only so it doesn't need to be able to go through hundreds of garments a week.

    From digging online I found Propress (seems to be used by london fashion week), Jiffy (apparently market leader) and Fridja (one of the better domestic ones).

    Suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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  • porthidium
    • Aug 2013
    • 48

    J-1 Jiffy Steamer is what most people in the garment industry use. You can buy them online~

    hope it helps~


    • ahn
      Senior Member
      • Jul 2012
      • 290

      I have used many commercial garment steamers when I used to work in fashion retail, they too can sometimes 'spit' a little water onto the garment. It's really not a big deal, the water dries very quickly usually because it's hot.

      At home I use a $50 garment steamer I purchased at k-mart (Australia) of all places... visually it's not offensive at all and functionally it's honestly just as good as an commercial steamer. The stream of steam isn't quite as steady but with such a huge price difference, that doesn't bother me at all. I'd rather spend the difference elsewhere It's over 12 months old now and still functioning perfectly.
      some do it fast, some do it better in smaller amounts.


      • endersgame
        Senior Member
        • Aug 2009
        • 1623

        you should use distilled water in a steamer to avoid clogging, staining should it spit.


        • Icarium
          Senior Member
          • Oct 2010
          • 378

          Yup +1 on the jiffy steamer. I picked this hand held one up after doing a bunch of research on Styleforum -- classic menswear people seem to be way more into ironing, steaming and lux-ass ironing boards and this is what most folks seemed to gravitate towards for sub $300-500 dollar options.

          It's reliable, does the trick and transportable for travel. It's $57 bucks on amazon.


          • MetroBulotDodo
            Senior Member
            • Oct 2010
            • 1296

            I have the standing Jiffy steamer.

            Use the Jiffy Steamer Cleaner Liquid as recommended every 6 months to clean mineral buildup. I've had the cleaner for almost two years now, and I can't believe how much time I spent ironing. Yeeech.

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            • ProfMonnitoff
              Senior Member
              • Jan 2007
              • 556

              The Jiffy steamer is great, but I'd recommend anyone who buys it get the version with the metal head. It's not that much more expensive, and will last much longer.
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              • NOHSAD
                Senior Member
                • Nov 2014
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                Originally posted by ProfMonnitoff View Post
                The Jiffy steamer is great, but I'd recommend anyone who buys it get the version with the metal head. It's not that much more expensive, and will last much longer.
                My job uses that exact Jiffy model MetroBulotDodo owns (with the plastic head) when dealing with clothing, if it's for personal use, it's more than enough and will last a long time. I agree with getting the metal head though, it's another $45 but it's a practical investment towards the steamer.
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