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  • Faust
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    Welcome! This is a place to buy, sell, and barter your designer wares.

    Stylezeitgeist (and its owners/employees) is not responsible for any transaction taking place on the forum, including disputes over payment, shipping, quality, legitimacy, accuracy, authenticity, or legality. Any and all disputes are to be handled between the buying/selling parties and/or financial institution used for the sale. Stylezeitgeist solely provides an organized means of communication for buyers and sellers. By participating/posting in the Classifieds section of this forum, you hereby agree to the following terms and rules and absolve Stylezeitgeist of any liability.


    1) The classifieds are free, but you must have 100 posts in other sections of the forums in order to post For Sale OR Want to Buy ads. There are no exceptions, speed posting to reach 100 posts will get you banned instantly!

    2) DO NOT BUMP YOUR THREADS MORE THAN ONCE EVERY 3 DAYS (specifically, 72 hours). This is to keep the marketplace fair an equal to everyone. This includes updates on items that have been sold, new pictures, or any edits you have provided. Update existing posts to include this information. This rule also applies to the Want To Buy section.

    3) Keep thread titles descriptive and include sizes/colours/fabrics where space permits. You can edit the titles of your own threads to keep them up to date (click on "edit", then "go advanced").

    4) ONE SALE THREAD FOR EVERY 10 ITEMS. If you are selling more than 10 items, you may start an additional thread. Once an item is sold, that respective item's post should be edited to reflect this. When an item is sold from your first thread, you are not required to move items to it from your second thread.

    5) You may not sell items for other people, that includes your friends, parents, and your dog.

    6) When something is sold, the thread can be deleted by deleting the first post, or alternatively marked clearly as sold. No need to reply to the thread after this.

    7) Avoid unnecessary chatter in this forum to help keep threads clean and organized as well as avoid bumping. USE PRIVATE MESSAGES FOR QUESTIONS, AND DON'T WRITE "PM SENT" AFTER DOING SO.

    8) Ebay and other links to your own sales are forbidden in the Classifieds, as well as any other section of the forum, including "Good Finds". THIS IS A BANNABLE OFFENSE.


    Sending Paypal payments as a "gift" or any other "personal" payment is risky, as you are not covered by Paypal in case of fraud. Only do this if you know the person you are dealing with, and at your own risk.


    If you sell something, you are responsible for getting the goods to the buyer. It is highly recommended to use a shipping method that has tracking, otherwise there is no way to know for sure if the shipment has reached it's destination.


    Please use an online imaging hosting service like, or Do not attach pictures to the post.


    If you wish to donate to SZ for using the classifieds or for the general upkeep of the forums, please use the link below. Suggested donations are $50 per year. When donating, please include your SZ name and let a moderator know if you would like to be on a list of donors in the Donations thread.

    Direct Link
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  • Dane
    • Feb 2011
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    Updated....please (re)read.
    i traded my LUC jeans + Julius belt + Neil Barrett jeans for a blamain biker jeans