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Hair! I wanna live forever...

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  • Hair! I wanna live forever...

    wait. that's another one.

    anyway. Post styles you like, style you have, your hair style philosophy, you name it. it goes in here.

    I have a thing for really long hair. I find that the patience of letting it grow long is evidence to that persons dedication to process and longevity of his/hers ideas. That sort of patience is more radical than shaving an undercut. It's a new form of rebellion in my view. Of course, it has to be well kept. I do not like heavy metal streaks or hippy frizzy stuff.

    I started growing my hair in 2005, and it has now reached down to my waist. I'm keeping my focus, letting my body be what it wants, letting nature have its way with me, sortof. My goal is to have it in classic length, which is down to my butt.

    pictures of my hair will follow soon. Here is a collage of what I like meanwhile.

  • notMordecai
    Junior Member
    • Dec 2009
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    I always considered it top priority to take care of my hair, even as a male. It's often some of little things that can add to an outfit, I think.

    I was never a fan of coloring my hair either. My hair is jet black. It's often so black it has trouble reflecting light half that time and most times in photos it just looks like a solid black mass around my head. Thick and wavvy too.

    I can't seem to find a decent style for my hair long (I've tried and failed so many times) so I keep it short to shaggy. Currently, the sides and back are shaved short with the top long and the front bangs brought up and to the side.

    People say it reminds them of a pompadour but maybe a baby pompadour, I guess.
    Fashion is so close in revealing a person's inner feelings and everybody seems to hate to lay claim to vanity so people tend to push it away.


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      yeah, dyeing is used too frivolously nowadays. You should only do it if it serves a purpose or makes a difference. All the hollywood celebrities dyeing blondes in 1000 shades would do alot better to just leave it natural. I'm so tired of seeing blonde hair. it's only beautiful when it's real.


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        Mona: you seem to have great body and vibrance to your hair. I like what you've done to it. It gives you a carefree natural aura without looking trashy at all. it's very soft, but not sissy, if you understand what I mean.


        • genevieveryoko
          Senior Member
          • Sep 2009
          • 864

          Perfect title for thread, thanks Heirloom! will contribute later, I am at work right now...


          • sargon97
            Senior Member
            • Jan 2009
            • 291

            Great thread. Trying to figure out what to do with my hair, had it short and messy for years, but I got sick of putting product in it. Decided to grow it out a bit and leave it natural and now it just looks like crap. Gotta find direction soon or I'm just going to shave it…


            • move_ment
              Senior Member
              • Feb 2009
              • 430

              nice images, Heriloom. I wish I could contribute but bad genes gives me no choice but to stick to limitations. :-(

              Mona, your hair is amazing, perfect volume and nice tones.

              Everytime I see an image of a girl with long firery red hair it reminds me of Christiane F. The film seems to be referenced stylistically so often these days particularly within hipster culture. I could literally hand-pick clones from my city.


              • Fade to Black
                Senior Member
                • Sep 2008
                • 5340

                I've never been happier with my hair than I am with it right now. It's at the length where I can get around most days without having to apply any mud (i don't like hair products - i like twirling my hair when bored and the products tend to give it an unpleasant hardness to the touch), and my hair has a natural stiffness to it so it looks somewhat styled even if i'm just out of the shower then heading out.

                let me show you a few thangs


                • endersgame
                  Senior Member
                  • Aug 2009
                  • 1623

                  i never thought much about hair until i had the privilege of working with this guy...

                  Learn more about the exhibition "The Model as Muse: Embodying Fashion," on view at the Met May 6 - August 9, 2009: dYs, worki...


                  • fadetogrey
                    Senior Member
                    • Apr 2009
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                    Too bad this thread didn't exist sooner. Heading to the stylist tomorrow and have no idea what to do!


                    • mononon
                      Senior Member
                      • Sep 2009
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            're hair looks so great now. it looks so healthy and pretty. i am very curious to see the back, since you say it is shaved?
                      calvinc - "Found this place and omg the people here are so cool and they dress super ultra mega well!"


                      • Aleks
                        Senior Member
                        • Feb 2009
                        • 475

                        my favorite short haircut

                        planning on getting this when I'm sick of my long hair (so in about a year)


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                          sounds really cool!!!


                          • Speak
                            Senior Member
                            • Nov 2007
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                            This is probably one of the most iconic and influential haircuts to me (and a lot of people).

                            I trained with Sassoon, so strong geometric shapes are very appealing to me.


                            • galia
                              Senior Member
                              • Jun 2009
                              • 1702

                              Ah hair
                              I have fairly easy hair, it's not as thick as I would like, but it's not too unruly and its moderately wavy, which is nice. the colour is also tame, with just a hint of copper to keep it interesting, so I don't feel the need to dye it or perm it or any stupid such mistake that ruins hair. I don't even use conditionner, I just wash it daily with organic shampoo. It's not impressive or anything, but it's nice.

                              I had it buzzed when I was in high school and a little after, then a grew it long with bangs and now, in an attempt to lose the bangs and regain more volume, I had it cut in a very 70's way

                              It's VERY conservative, but it will allow me to grow it back nicely. Bangs are really hard to escape one you have them, because they get to this really annoying length for a really long time and it's impossible not to cut them back, ugh